Selling your home, often the largest asset you have, can be the most stressful thing you’ll experience (outside of child birth) – at Harpers, we’ll stop at nothing to make this as comfortable a process as possible for you. 

It’s A Big Decision – Step 1: 

You’ve made the decision to sell, so you’ll now need to understand how much your property is worth and who is best placed to support you with this move. It’s time to book a valuation of your home with a local estate agent. 

How Much Is It Worth? 

No estate agent should be charging for a valuation. At Harpers we offer a free no obligation appraisal of your home, offering trusted advice on the most effective pricing & marketing strategy to sell your property for the best price, to the best buyer. We’ll arrive at an accurate property appraisal by considering the market conditions of the time, understanding the recent sold prices of local comparable properties as well as paying particular attention to the value of homes currently For Sale that would serve as competition to yours in the eyes of your potential buyer. 

The Most Important Decision You’ll Make:

What do others say about the estate agents in your town?  As the most recommended property professionals in the local area, we pride ourselves on the fact that the growth of our business is largely organic, based primarily off the back of the recommendations and referrals received from others within the community. 

In any industry, if someone comes highly recommended through a friend, colleague or family member, it makes sense to trust their judgement. 

Showing Off Your Biggest Asset: 

When browsing for properties, who has the best advertising and what makes these homes stand out to you? At Harpers, we produce high quality adverts and brochures for your property to ensure that we attract the biggest audiences, be it via the social media channels or mainstream property portals, we’ll do everything to make your property pop. 

Do You Need A Sale Board? 

Often a 50/50 decision for a seller, do you or don’t you put one up? 

Quite simply, if you live in a location where you’re likely to have passing footfall or potential buyers driving past, we always encourage you to have a For Sale board erected. Why wouldn’t you enable your agent to use every possible tool at their disposal in their quest to generate the most interest for your property?

Finding You That Magic Buyer: 

Proactivity is our not so secret weapon. Work with property professionals who are willing to leave no stone unturned in their quest to get you moved. At Harpers we work with professional photographers, drone pilots & floor plan specialists in order to produce the best marketing collateral for your property. We recognise that your biggest audience is online nowadays, which is why we utilise the social media channels alongside the major property portals to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible. 

We Are Here For You:

It’s good to talk. The biggest complaint that home sellers have is that they didn’t hear from their estate agent enough. At Harpers, if we know, you know. We will be open and honest with you from day one. Good news or bad, we’ll have that conversation. You in turn will be able to reach us night and day. Our mobile phones are our office numbers. We don’t do 9-5, we’re here when you need us. 

Showing Off Your Home: 

We are firm believers that a seller should never be expected to conduct viewings of their own home unless it’s under unique circumstances. We are the property specialists with decades of industry experience and a track record of selling homes at the best price. 

We work closely with buyers from the outset, understanding their wants & needs, before matching them to their next home, so it’s only natural to assume that we’d be best placed to show them round your home, highlighting the key benefits, whilst encouraging offers when buying signals are identified.

Getting The Deal Done: 

All offers are financially qualified before we submit them to our sellers. We encourage buyers to submit their best offers on day one. At Harpers, bidding wars don’t happen as we believe they are the worst way to set up a sale. 

When people offer, they do so in confidence, so to think that an agent would then use that offer as a carrot to extract a competing offer from another interested party does not sit well with us. 

When we present offers to you, we do so with an intimate knowledge of any related chains, financial positions and the potential buyer’s ability to proceed, so that you in turn can make an informed decision with all relevant information in hand. 

When we say yes to an offer, we like that to be a bond of trust. Gazumping is not best practice at Harpers. 

The Stressful Bit – Progressing The Sale:

Appointing a trusted solicitor with a track record of great communication is the most important next step once a sale has been agreed. Much like your choice of estate agent, if they come recommended, appoint them. 

At Harpers, we make every effort to keep the channels of communication open from offer acceptance through to exchange of contracts and your move day. We do this by working closely with all sellers, buyers, mortgage advisors and solicitors to ensure that what is often the most stressful part of the transaction, runs as smoothly as possible. 

Selling your home is often the easy bit; this progression of the agreed sale is where great estate agents really make a difference. 

Moving Day:

The eventual move date will be locked & loaded at the point contracts are exchanged. When it comes to the handover of keys on the big day, we at Harpers will always be on hand to support a smooth transition of ownership.